Thin Ice

Thin Ice


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Ice sheets covering the poles are melting three times faster today than they were in the 1990s. With excessive consumptive behavior and corporate exploitation killing off the ecosystem, “Thin Ice” begins with an urgent statement that time is short for the planet, if we have not already passed the point of no return. Jellies thrive as the oceans warm and oxygen levels decline; a result of excessive phosphorus and nitrogen from agricultural and industrial use. Combined with the acidification, desalinization and plasticization of the oceans, “The fish are saying adieu.”

Thin Ice” is a metaphor about the environment, workers’ rights, civil rights, endless war, and the hijacking of democracy. Tom does it with characteristic wit, playfulness, and between the eyes poignancy. He sings truth to power about cover-ups, poisons in cosmetics, reproduction, a phantom jet, Chuck Turner, fracked up water systems, the shifting of the Gulf Stream, media fabrication - and sums it all up with a challenge to the US corporate world to have democratic elections that represent people’s needs, not those of Wall Street.

Tom critiques a US political structure that opposes free and equal elections. He emphasizes the need for voices at the podium and on the ballot that represent the earth and its diverse inhabitants. When republicans and democrats go to extremes to keep these candidates out of debates (locking them up), it is clear they are threatened by their truth. When heavily-armed police are used to break up peaceful protest, guaranteed by the constitution; when indefinite detention and state sponsored violence become the norm, any pretext of democracy and civil liberties is gone. And with it, the planet.


1 Jellyfish                                          2:22              

2 Where Greenland Used To Be       3:25         

3 Hole In The Ground                        3:17        

4 Lead In The Lipstick                       2:40               

5 Gotta Have The Balls                     5:35        

6 Running For The Gold                    3:52

7 Chuck Turner                                  4:56    

8  Same Sex Marriage                       3:31   

9 The Uterus Knows                          2:39

10 No Plane At The Pentagon           3:56           

11 The 99                                           2:40

12 Why Won’t Obama Debate           3:43