Give Trees A Chance

Give Trees A Chance



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Forests provide our oxygen, as they absorb CO2. They protect the climate by sequestering carbon, and are home to 80% of land-based life. And they're being destroyed. Half the Earth's forests are gone. Meanwhile, the US War Department spends about $100 million an hour to destroy any living species in its way.  War pathology displays the same disregard for life as does clear-cutting the trees, fossil fuel extraction and adulteration of our food supply. Chemical corporations knowingly put toxins in our cookware and in our food. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos do joyrides in space while on earth, we work against the clear cuts, the pipelines, the toxins and a perpetual state of war against humanity. Give Trees A Chance is a collection of songs: stories about the perpetrators of this violence and our resistance to them.


1 Stand For Forests               5:37            8 Useable Nukes                          1:42

2 River Warriors                   3:44             9 Tom Vilsack Is Back                  4:02

3 32 Acres                             4:16           10 Teflon                                         2:25

4 Elon’s Gone To Mars        2:59            11 Exit Scott Pruit                           :57

5 Resource War                    3:20           12 Conversion Therapy                 2:13

6 Making A Killing                 2:35          13 Didn’t Make The Coffee           4:54

7 War Is A Racket                 2:31           14 Gloria for Holyoke                     3:34



 “Some people call me a whistleblower or a patriot, but I was simply concerned with speaking the truth.  I am here because I stole something that was never mine to take—precious human life. I couldn’t keep living in a world in which people pretend that things weren’t happening that were. Please, your honor, forgive me for taking papers instead of human lives.”    Daniel Hale