Environmental Compilation #4

Environmental Compilation #4




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  2. Bee Poop.mp3
  3. Between the Rivers.mp3
  4. Bomb Train.mp3
  5. Chlamydia and the Q tip.mp3
  6. Four Lane Highways and Mobile Homes.mp3
  7. Heroes of the Cold War.mp3
  8. Just a Little Meltdown.mp3
  9. Lead in the Lipstick.mp3
  10. Let em Drink Arsenic.mp3
  11. Maximum Wage.mp3
  12. Must Be The Prozac.mp3
  13. PCB Dump.mp3
  14. Poppy and Nanny.mp3
  15. Taking Up Smoking.mp3
  16. zEnvironmental Compilation 4.pdf

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Environmental Compilation #4 - Except as noted, all songs are written and performed by Tom


1 A Penny A Pound

Immokalee workers strike against Wendy's for better working conditions and a penny more a pound for the tomatoes they pick;  Inari Jade – vocal;  Wylie Robbins Thorne-Thomsen – mandolin

Bee Poop

The USA falsely accused the USSR of biological warfare by using toxic chemicals in Cambodia and Laos when in reality the yellow pollen was from bees.

3 Between The Rivers

Tom met Dr. David Nickell at the Forest Council in Southern IL.  He told Tom the story of his family and other BTR residents.  It is estimated that up to 30,000 people were forcibly removed from their homes for the Between the Lakes project, a federal land and water management scheme.      Sue Krantz – vocal; Derrik Jordan - violin

4 Bomb Train

Ezra Prentice, in Albany, NY is a public housing complex that is home to 179 families and 288 children (most recent census). It borders an industrial railyard that is 20 feet away from backyards and the playground. Trains pass carrying crude oil through the community to the Port of Albany.  The dissolved methane in the oil is very flammable and explosive, and most of the cars have the thinner walls that do not provide adequate protection.  These are the same type of trains that have been derailing and exploding with frequency around the country. The residents were never informed about these trains or that the tankers, which line up just 20 feet from the community’s playground, were hauling a type of crude oil that is highly flammable and toxic. They weren’t notified that the fumes released during the tank car unloading operations at the Port of Albany included cancer-causing chemicals.  Exposed to the multiple health hazards, residents in Ezra Prentice are organizing to stop the toxic fumes, gases and cancer-causing chemicals from coming through their community.  In mid-May 2016, 2000 residents and allies blocked Pearl St and sat on the tracks at the Port of Albany forcing the trains to re-route.

Chlamydia and the Q Tip

In 2004, one of our clinicians told me that our chlamydia specimens on the way to the lab had been pulled from first class mail as they had been classified as a weapon of destruction by homeland security

6 Four Lane Highways And Mobile Homes

A memory of the farm community where Tom was born and raised in Upstate NY.  Lui Collins – banjo, vocal; Derrik Jordan - violin  

7 Heroes of The Cold War

Workers at the nuclear weapons facility in Paducah, KY have been dying of cancer for many years. Joe Harding was exhumed by his wife and his body was discovered to be laced with uranium. Bill Clinton sent Bill Richardson to Paducah to give the dead and the dying an award. They were called "Heroes Of the Cold War." I am told that Richardson gave Mrs. Harding a plaque and that she gave it back to him.   Kat Allen – vocal; Derrik Jordan - violin

8 Just a Little Meltdown

Based on the reportage of David Detmold, an account of the meltdown at Three-Mile Island in PA.     Kat Allen – vocals; Derrik Jordan – violin, bass

9 Lead in the Lipstick

The cosmetics industry is not regulated in the US so poisons like lead in lipstick (to make it brighter) and antifreeze in rouge to make it stable, are allowed.  For more info, check the Environmental Working Group at ewg.org.

10 Let ‘Em Drink Arsenic

One of W’s first acts as president was to increase the acceptable level of arsenic in drinking water.   Lui Collins – vocal; Derrik Jordan, Bass

11  Maximum Wage

The worst of capitalism and its effect on the natural environment

12  Must Be The Prozac

So many pharmaceuticals are voided and flushed down toilets that anti-depressants are present in water analysis. This must be the reason that US citizens display little interest in losing civil liberties, eat GMO food, support perpetual war and vote for Wall Street candidates...

13 PCB Dump

Dee Dee Consolati told Tom about the proposed PCB dump in Lee, MA and asked him if he could write a song for their group in opposition to it.

14 Poppy and Nanny

Poppy and Nanny, Tom's maternal grandparents met at the Woolworth's 5 & dime in Vincennes, IN. He worked on the delivery dock. She worked on the floor. They bought a small dairy farm in upstate (Unadilla) NY where Tom was born.

15  Taking Up Smoking

In 2006, a computer program malfunction in Glasgow, Scotland was errantly prescribing Viagra as a smoking deterrent.