Environmental Compilation #3

Environmental Compilation #3




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  2. Biomess.mp3
  3. Clearcutting the Trees.mp3
  4. Dam Owner.mp3
  5. Flowing Down the Kalamazoo.mp3
  6. Hosta & Anderson.mp3
  7. Jellyfish.mp3
  8. Poultry Litter.mp3
  9. Sitting In The Trees.mp3
  10. Stand For Forests.mp3
  11. Sweet Miracles.mp3
  12. Tamarack Tree.mp3
  13. Turn on the Tap.mp3
  14. Veolia.mp3
  15. Water Isn't Water Anymore.mp3
  16. zEnvironmental Compilation 3.pdf

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Environmental Compilation #3 - Except as noted, all songs are written and performed by Tom


1  32 Acres

Community resistance to commercial investment to build on 32 acres of open space in Ocean Township, NJ  - Wylie Robbins Thorne-Thomsen – mandolin;      trad. Tune of "Old Rosin the Beau" by Francis D. Henry circa 1874

2 Biomess

The story, In 2009, of the successful opposition to a proposed biomass incinerator in Greenfield, MA

3  Clear Cutting the Trees

Community resistance to commercial logging in the Quabbin watershed which was opened up by Governor Deval Patrick to clear cut trees for export and firewood

4 Dam Owner

Written with Dee Dee Consolati for her and Monica when they were arrested for trespassing at the local public lake

5  Flowing Down the Kalamazoo

In July 2010, a 6-foot break in the pipeline spilled oil into Talmadge Creek, resulting in one of the largest inland oil spills in U.S. history. The song is written based on information from the Investigative reporting of John Bolenbaugh.

6   Hosta & Anderson

Hillary Hosta and Scott Anderson protest mahogany shipment.

7  Jellyfish

The vulnerability of nukes and coal power plants and their negative impact on the oceans and fresh water life

8  Poultry Litter

With help from the Blue Ridge Mountain Defense League, the Fibrowatt poultry waste incinerator planned for Elkin, NC was stopped by Surry County residents.  trad. Tune of "Old Rosin the Beau" by Francis D. Henry circa 1874

9  Sitting In The Trees

Civil disobedient resistance against fracked gas pipelines

10 Stand For Forests

A response to the clear cutting of our forests and the importance of protecting them for the survival of the planet - Wylie Robbins-Thorne-Thomsen on mandolin

11  Sweet Miracles

Cancer from the BMWNC medical waste incinerator is endemic in Matthews, NC.  Maya's mother requested that her daughter's name be changed in the song out of fear of retaliation from BMWNC

12 Tamarack Tree   

The story of getting caught in a blizzard in the Rockies on the Great Divide.    Kat Allen - vocal

13 Turn On The Tap

Commentary on Water privatization

14 Veolia

Dee Dee Consolati was organizing in Lee, MA against Veolia's privatization of Lee's water and sewage. She asked Tom to write this song for her which he played at a hearing in Lee. One of the town council members in support of privatization demanded an apology for the lyrics in the song.  He didn't receive one.  Derrik Jordan - violin

15 Water Isn’t Water Anymore

This song was written at the request of Pastor Chris Breedlove of Fresno, CA.  Once our water is adulterated with methane, oil, radioactivity, fertilizers, fluoride, lead and a variety of other poisons and waste, it ceases to be safe to drink.  Billie Williams – vocal; Derrik Jordan – violin