Environmental Compilation #2

Environmental Compilation #2




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  1. 144 Tons of Gold.mp3
  2. 18 Cows.mp3
  3. 30 seconds to Midnight.mp3
  4. 5 Tons an acre.mp3
  5. Endocrine Disruptor.mp3
  6. Every 10 Minutes.mp3
  7. Gaza.mp3
  8. Jacksonville.mp3
  9. Resource Wars.mp3
  10. Six Cents a Pound.mp3
  11. Snow in Alaska.mp3
  12. Something You Ate.mp3
  13. TPP Free Zone Alliance.mp3
  14. Usable Nukes.mp3
  15. Where Greenland Used To Be.mp3
  16. zEnvironmental Compilation 2.pdf

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Environmental Compilation #2


1 144 Tons of Gold

An account of the US invasion of Libya; a response to a gold-backed dinar and an African Bank with no-interest loans for people-centered development

2 18 Cows

In 1988, the Palestine town of Beit Sahour bought 18 cows from Kibbutz Hillel so that they could start a dairy collective to provide fresh milk; and this was against the law.

3  30 Seconds to Midnight

Time left on the Doomsday Clock - Wylie Robbins Thorne-Thomsen on mandolin

4  5 Tons an acre

The lost nutrition in factory farming

5  Endocrine Disruptor

 An account of the carcinogenic danger of GMOs with a primary ingredient, glyphosate

6 Every Ten Minutes

An account of the genocide in Yemen

7 Gaza

An account of the Israeli invasion of Gaza in 2014

8  Jacksonville

This song describes Pat Costner's investigation of the Dioxin incineration at the Vertac plant in Jacksonville, AR. One-quarter of the Agent Orange used in Vietnam was produced at this plant.  Linda Kelly-Armour – vocal; Bruce Colegrove – bass; Barbara Peemoeller Marczak – vocal; Jay DuCharme - production

9 Six Cents a Pound

The US paid $500 million for war planes for Afghanistan that didn't function properly so they destroyed them and sold the scrap metal for six cents a pound.

10 Resource Wars

A response to the U.S. overthrow of Bolivian President Evo Morales to get Bolivia’s lithium and indium; ditto Venezuela’s oil and gold - Wylie Robbins Thorne-Thomsen on mandolin

11 Snow in Alaska

The Iditarod could not do the first leg of its dog sled race because they had no snow in Anchorage.  So, they had to bring it in by train.

12  Something You Ate

An account of GMO food that was being pushed by Obama and Congress in spite of the research showing genetic manipulation to be unsafe.  GMO food and glyphosate are increasingly being banned around the world.

13 TPP Free Zone Alliance

My long time friend, Nancy Price, who I met in the Alliance for Democracy sent me an email that said, "I need you to write a song." Obama's TPP will be an end to national, state, and local sovereignty over the environment, pollution, health, food safety, labor.  For more information on this agreement, go to https://www.eff.org/issues/tpp .

14 Usable Nukes

The US love affair with nuclear weapons and rationale for their use

15  Where Greenland Used To Be

In 2006, while touring in the UK, Tom heard the concerns of many in Scotland, Eire, and England that the Gulf Stream would shift because of global warming with the effect of creating a colder climate in the UK. The Gulf Stream shifted a few years later.