Environmental Compilation #1

Environmental Compilation #1




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  1. 1200 Leaks.mp3
  2. Ain't Gonna Pass.mp3
  3. Babies in These Mountains.mp3
  4. Barnhart, TX.mp3
  5. Did You Ever See A Pipeline.mp3
  6. Dont' Frack.mp3
  7. Echoes Of Wounded Knee.mp3
  8. Elon's Gone To Mars.mp3
  9. Get A Life.mp3
  10. Hole in the Ground.mp3
  11. Kiss your ashes goodbye.mp3
  12. Losing Louisiana.mp3
  13. Mayflower, AR.mp3
  14. Solstice Morning.mp3
  15. The Mining Museum.mp3
  16. zEnvironmental Compilation 1.pdf

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Environmental Compilation #1 - Except as noted, all songs are written and performed by Tom


1  1200 Leaks

An account of the enormous number of pipeline leaks in Western MA at the same time that the fracking industry says we need more gas and pipelines to deliver it

2  Ain't Gonna Pass

A response to Kinder-Morgan/Tennessee Gas plans to lay a fracked gas pipeline across western Mass - trad. Tune of "Old Rosin the Beau" by Francis D. Henry circa 1874.

3  Babies in these mountains

I once lived and worked in Harlan, KY in the 1970s and became familiar with the culture of coal mining.  Plus, my mom was born in the coal fields of WV.  At the Blue Hills folk festival, I met Teri Blanton who updated me on mountain top removal in Eastern KY, and I told her I would write this song for the people there. It is based on the stories of pit miners and other community members in Eastern KY.  Sue Krantz – vocal;  Derrik Jordan - violin

4 Barnhart Texas

Fracking in West Texas has depleted the ground water supply.  Wylie Robbins Thorne-Thomsen - mandolin

5 Did You Ever See A Pipeline

Satirical rendering of Kinder Morgan, Berkshire GAS, FERC and all as they try to use eminent domain to cut their way through NY, Western MA and New Hampshire. Trad. “Did You Ever See A Lassie” Scotland, late 17th century

6  Don't Frack

Written specifically for Kinder Morgan's NED pipeline and their attempt to use eminent domain to lay it from NY through Western MA and NH to the coast for export.  Trad.  tune of “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean,” Scottish, 1881, under the duo of pseudonyms H.J. Fuller and J.T. Wood.

7 Echoes Of Wounded Knee

Pipeline, police and soldier retaliation to peaceful presence put into historical and contemporary perspective

8 Elon's Gone To Mars

Elon Musk's Space X program is destined for MARS.

9 Get A Life

HRC said in a speech to labor unions that I and others who work to protect the environment from such practices as fracking should "get a life."  This is insulting in itself, but considering that I am a member of AFM Local 1000 and, in the past, started our chapter of SEIU 509, I find her comment particularly lacking in environmental understanding and respect.

10  Hole in the Ground

 A response to hydro-fracking for methane aka natural gas.

11 Kiss Your Ashes Good Bye

I was invited out to Viroqua, WI to do a couple benefits to resist Dairyland power from dumping coal ash on WI farm land. This became their theme song. trad. Tune of "Old Rosin the Beau" by Francis D. Henry circa 1874.

12 Losing Louisiana

Louisiana is losing its bayous and communities in the delta to the fossil fuel industry.  Bruce Colegrove- bass

13 Mayflower AR

Exxon Mobil's oil spill in Mayflower, AR, made the community a sacrifice zone.

14 Solstice Morning

Around 4 AM on the winter solstice 2008, the dike holding back the coal ash waste at Kingston Fossil broke (for the third time) and the largest flood of coal ash waste in US history took out the town of Harriman, TN.  Kat Allen – vocals; Derrik Jordan - violin

15 The Mining Museum

The National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum is merely one example of how corporate sponsorship dictates the content (what is presented and censored) in museums. The same can be said for news media, textbooks in schools, etc. (see James Loewen’s, Lies Across America).  Lui Collins, vocal and banjo