Swords into Plowshares

Swords into Plowshares



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  1. Ave Maria.mp3
  2. Ballad of Randy Kehler.mp3
  3. If I Could See You.mp3
  4. Keep Your Motor Runnin'.mp3
  5. O Freedom.mp3
  6. Pipe Dreams.mp3
  7. Poet Roofer.mp3
  8. War Against the Poor.mp3
  9. Water Under the Door.mp3
  10. We Shall Not Be Moved.mp3

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Swords Into Plowshares (1995) is an album of songs compiled during the War Tax Refusers Action at the land trust in Colrain, MA. with Julia Bady - piano; William Spademan - cello; Bruce Colegrove - bass, backing vocal, percussion; Barbara Peemoeller Marczak- backing vocals; Linda Kelly Armour - backing vocals; Court Dorsey -banjo, vocal


If I Could See You            Jessica Stevens Bond

Ave Maria                         Bach/Gounod   Randy was playing the Bach "Prelude in 3 when he was arrested.

Ballad of Randy Kehler    Michael Kline 

Poet Roofer        

Water Under The Door

Pipe Dreams                    Mary Jane Helrich

We Shall Not Be Moved    trad.

O Freedom                        trad

Asikatali                             trad

War Against The Poor      parody of "Which Side Are You On" Florence Reese; music trad., Storm King Music, with permission

Keep Your Motor Runnin'