Spirit of Justice

Spirit of Justice



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  1. 75 Septembers of Love.mp3
  2. A Dubya Ballad.mp3
  3. Bush Camp.mp3
  4. Jacob and the Flag.mp3
  5. Let em Drink Arsenic.mp3
  6. Nike.mp3
  7. Physical Relationship Blues.mp3
  8. That was the Week Reprise.mp3
  9. The Mascot.mp3
  10. The Spirit of Justice.mp3
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“Spirit of Justice” (2002)  offer stories from arsenic standards in water to Afghanistan, Iraq, Kate Harris, John Ashcroft, media, surveillance…This CD is filled with playful and forthright commentary. Not to be left out, Bill Clinton stars in the “Physical Relationship Blues.”  “That Was The Week Reprise” and “The Spirit of Justice” were Tom’s two winning songs at the South Florida Folk Festival.” “That Was The Week Reprise” was also a 3rd place award winner for “Folk Song of the Year” by Just Plain Folks International Awards. “Nike” was a JPF nomination for Spoken Word of the Year.

“The Mascot” issue divided a school district and is a perfect example of Tom’s ability to document local current events in song with biting humor and between the eyes poignancy.

Tom pays tribute to his mom with “75 Septembers of Love.”

Derrik Jordan violin, vocals, percussion, keyboard, & bass; Lui Collins – vocals; Dave McCurry - harmonica

Song List

1 Let ‘em Drink Arsenic 3:53                               

2  A Dubya Ballad  3:31         tune of Barbara Allen trad.                              

3 The Spirit Of Justice  3:25

4 Physical Relationship Blues 3:46    adaptation of a Cal Trillin poem in The Nation                   

5 The Mascot  2:30

6 Jacob And The Flag 1:33

7 Nike 1:25

8 Bush Camp 3:51

9 That Was The Week Reprise   4:59

10 75 Septembers Of Love     3:52