Fools No More

Fools No More



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  1. A Tramp's Thoughts.mp3
  2. All Because I voted for Ralph Nader.mp3
  3. Democrats.mp3
  4. Fools No More.mp3
  5. From Hobbs to Howland.mp3
  6. Just a Little Meltdown.mp3
  7. Kui Ka Pono Hawai'i.mp3
  8. Ministry of Oil.mp3
  9. The Ballad of Mikey Wilcher.mp3
  10. You Cannot Have War & Tell the Truth.mp3
  11. zFools no more album info for digital download.pdf

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I marvel what kin thou and

thy daughters are: they’ll have

me whipped for speaking true.”


“I had rather be any kind

o’thing than a fool and yet

 I would not be thee.”


Act 1 scene 4

Fool to King Lear



1 All Because I Voted For Ralph Nader  2:47        Mark Levy


2 You Cannot Have War & Tell The Truth   3:03  


3 Fools No More   3:50  


4 Kui Ka Pono Hawai’I 3:41


5 Democrats        2:54


6 From Hobbs To Howland  4:00                        


7 A Tramp’s Thoughts  4:13   lyrics by Jane Keep circa 1830; music by Ethan Miller


8 The Ballad Of Mikey Wilcher 5:42


9 Just A Little Meltdown 6:13


10 Ministry Of Oil  5:33 Rick Burkhardt, Prince Myshkins