Another Pacifist Under Surveillance

Another Pacifist Under Surveillance



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  1. 40 Days Of Rain.mp3
  2. Annie Dunn.mp3
  3. Erhen Watada.mp3
  4. Greenland's Melting To The Sea.mp3
  5. I Didn't Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier.mp3
  6. Morality.mp3
  7. Outhouse Blues.mp3
  8. Rose Tattoo.mp3
  9. Taking Up Smoking.mp3
  10. Tamarack Tree.mp3
  11. Turn Loose the Line.mp3
  12. Woman of Sumpul River.mp3
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The Menwith Hill spy base in Britain is the largest spybase in the world and is run by the US with an occupying force of 2000, consisting of US military, CIA, and civilian workers. The 33 radomes (golfballs), over 100 feet high,  intercept all electronic, international communications considered suspect and are also part of the military’s star wars plans. To many Britains it is an invasion and an illegal occupation of UK soil. Every July 4 there is an Independence from America Day in front of the base


1 Morality   4:02                                                  


2 Woman Of Sumpul River 2:31                          


3 Annie Dunn 3:31


4 I Didn’t Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier 2:53     words Alfred Bryan; music Al Pianiadosi 1915


5 40 Days of Rain 5:03   Jeff Tallmadge


6 Greenland’s Melting To The Sea  4:09


7 Rose Tattoo 4:07


8 Taking Up Smoking 2:53


9 Outhouse Blues 5:10   Words -Juanita Nelson; Arr. by Tom


10 Tamarack Tree 4:26


11 Turn Loose the Line 1:29 Juanita Nelson


12 Erhen Watada 4:24