Living on the Maximum Wage

Living on the Maximum Wage



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  1. A Quarter Century On.mp3
  2. Bee Poop.mp3
  3. Bess.mp3
  4. Betting on Terror.mp3
  5. Body Bags.mp3
  6. Death of Rachel Corrie.mp3
  7. Four Lane Highways and Mobile Homes.mp3
  8. Maximum Wage.mp3
  9. Safe Home.mp3
  10. The Mining Museum.mp3
  11. Trent Lott.mp3
  12. zLiving on the Maximum Wage album info for digital download.pdf

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“Art is ultimately about telling the truth. If there are people who don’t like the truth, you have to decide whether you want to do your art or whether you want to do “small talk,” because if you get away from the truth to please other people who want you to not tell the truth, you have lost the artist in you.”  Martha Beck


1) Maximum Wage                                    4:22  parody of Low Bridge by Thomas Allen, 1912 

2) Betting on Terror                                  3:59 

3) Bee Poop                                               2:36

4) Body Bags                                             4:36 Ethan Miller

5) Trent Lott                                              1:00

6) Death of Rachel Corrie                       4:02 David Rovics

7) The Mining Museum                          4:34

8) Bess                                                       2:17

9) Four Lane Highways and Mobile Homes  6:20

10) A Quarter Century On                      3:06

11) Safe Home                                          3:40  Dana Robinson