Ain’t Gonna Pass

Ain’t Gonna Pass


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The title song, Ain’t Gonna Pass was written specifically for communities working to stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline that, as of this writing is planned for New Hampshire and Western MA. However the resistant strains in the song are for all peoples everywhere trying to protect the planet and the life upon it. The trees, the water, the soil, the air, the food and people from Palestine to the streets of Ferguson, NYC and LA call for a solidarity to stop the killing; to stop it in its various forms; drones, starvation, toxins, endocrine disruption, habitat destruction and  “mowing the lawn.”

1 Ain’t Gonna Pass                     4:47

2 Clearcutting The Trees            3:37          

3 Mayflower, AR                         2:48     

4 Water Isn’t Water Anymore     3:50     

5 Endocrine Disruptor                3:32     

6 All About The Money              3:48    

7 Six Cents A Pound                 4:13     

8 Gaza                                       3:08

9  Killin’ In The Name Of God    3:41 

10 A Jail Cell Built For You        2:55

11 Jefferson And Jesus             2:49

12 Breathing While Black          3:58

13 What A Breast Is For            3:05

14 Outhouse Blues, Juanita Nelson     5:12