18 Cows

18 Cows


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The title song, 18 Cows, was written for the creative act of civil disobedience in Beit Sahour, Palestine. The CD relates the survival stories of communities in West TX, Louisiana, North Dakota, Albany, NY, in US streets and in Syria where cash registers ring with the profits of war. As we chuckle our way through Sessions, DeVoss and the A-List, the seriousness of our commitment to resisting illegitimate authority is paramount.

As King wrote from the Birmingham jail, acting on conscience to break an unjust law is expressing the highest respect for law. Ten months in office, Trump bombs the same seven countries Obama bombed. The trees, the water, the soil and the air from Houston to Bangladesh to Yemen call for a solidarity to stop the killing in its various forms; drones, starvation, toxins, habitat destruction and “mowing the lawn.”

1  18 Cows                                               3:04     

2  Losing Louisiana                                 2:32                   

3 Snow In Alaska                                    2:29     

4  Barnhart, TX                                       3:17     

5  1200 Leaks                                          4:25     

6  Bomb Train                                         3:00     

7  Shooting At Each Other                     2:54     

 8  Mistaken Identity                              2:35

9  Betsy And The Bears                         3:25

10 A List                                                   3:11

11 How Can I Keep From Laughing     2:55

12 8 Men Dying                                      3:13

13 Turn In Your Tampon                         2:50

14 Echoes Of Wounded Knee                 5:11