Stages, Coffeehouses and House Concerts

“His songwriting is exquisite!”Linneman’s River West Inn, Milwaukee

“incisive satire, social commentary, and musical wit” Sidney Kahn, Philadelphia

“Creative & compelling; skewers the outrageous behavior of the greedy & powerful in corporations, the media, & government.” Ray Korona, People’s Voice Café Collective, New York City

“Last night’s concert with award-winning folk musician Tom Neilson finished with a standing ovation as part of a sustained and thunderous applause. The concert was filled with the wit, humor, and poignancy that we have come to expect from him. His stage presence with Lynn Waldron had its characteristic tight harmonies, timing, and playfulness. As always, the show was funny, nourishing, inspiring, thoughtful and at times hilarious as they addressed bombs to breast feeding; corruption to contraception; old loves to hawks and doves.

But last night’s show was uniquely special because as sideman, he had an eleven year old boy named Wylie, playing mandolin. This is another aspect of Tom to be appreciated; a professional musician, sharing the stage and giving the spotlight to a child. Their duets were show stopping; the “old man” and the boy in sync; a professionalism and confidence from Tom’s tutelage; a grandfather’s mentoring and loving glance as they frolicked on Endocrine Disruptor and played beautiful harmonies to the tragedy of Gaza.

Tom and Lynn are a dynamic duo. They are now a terrific trio. You should make every effort to book them.” Lisa Turowsky, Hummingbird Hall

“Probably one of the musical highlights of my entire life,”Nia Maxwell, Fiddlers dream, Phoenix

“Everyone needs a good dose of Tom Neilson.” Shalom Center for Continued Learning

“Avery good spokesperson for environmental concerns and an exceptional songwriter with heart and content.” Norm McDonald, O2’s, Live Oak, FL

"Creative & compelling, he skewers the outrageous behavior of the greedy & powerful in corporations, the media, & the government."Ray Korona, Peoples' Voice Café Collective, NYC

"Just for a couple of hours I felt like I was in San Francisco and not in Valdosta. Beautiful music and lyrics, lots of food for thought and laughter, and presented by two wonderful human beings." audience member, Valdosta, GA

"Sophisticated lyricist, wonderful voice, superb educator."Marie Falbo, Stone Soup Collective, Orlando, FL

"Whether singing a rollicking, pure nonsense children's song, a tender love ballad, or a protest song with a sense of urgency, Tom's honest, forthright voice & his solid guitar work are spellbinding."Susan Link, Porter-Phelps-Huntington Museum, Hadley, MA

"Tom's contemplative and moving critique of the media's manipulation of the news is perceptive, intelligent, and right on. Using a blend of lyrical humor, stark fact, and compelling rhythm, he speaks to all of us who struggle towards truth."Sarah Underhill, People's Music Network

"Humor, compassion, and outrage in songs about real people's struggles."Java Hut, Sunderland, MA

"Uncensored political satire that responds to lies and oppression with passion and wit."Peter Underdown, The House, Amherst, MA

“Your poetry, juxtaposition of thoughts/words, your musicality and your incredible range are an absolute delight. We loved the concert! Your generosity for show opener Chris (great) and Wiley are exemplary. When Lynn’s voice is added what a treat and wholeness.”Walt Cudnohufsky,

“Tom is an interesting cat. He was great. He's had his boots on the ground (in a peaceful, humanitarian way) and done more in his life than most of us could have in a dozen lifetimes. It is reflected in his songwriting and storytelling. His music serves as a signpost. There was a beautiful vibe at Woodrow St. I felt 'energized' as I walked to my car. Pacifists are an endangered species these days, and ‘Truth is a concept that's just as tough to come by.”Ted Krzyzanowski


We have had house concerts with Tom Neilson who, with his amazing stories, left us in tears and then laughing at introductory stories to his songs pointing out the absolute absurdity and criminality of those in charge. Lynn Petrovich, Oakhurst, NJ