Quaker, Mennonite, UCC

Quaker, Mennonite, UCC

“We have a history of mostly good, sometimes excellent programs. There are no more than one or two (out of hundreds of programs) that rank with Tom’s.”Don Friesen, Reedley Peace Center, Mennonite Church, Reedley, CA

"Tom Neilson and Lynn Waldron have it all -medium and message; form and content: ...they delight and give meaning, inspiration, and outrage as antidote to these woeful times.Listen to them and become a better person in a Beloved Community."John Bach, Quaker Chaplain, Harvard

His Yearly Meeting performance was great. His lyrical precision, long history as an activist, and his spoken word make his performance special; And he’s hilarious.” Joannes Werner, SEYM, Sarasota

“Tom captivated the audience through his stage presence, humor and pointed commentary. He is a major voice for peace and justice."Nan Marshall, Phoenix Quaker Meeting

“Tom walks his talk. His shows are pedagogically poignant and laced with thoughtful satire. He is a gifted storyteller who will take you on a musical journey.”Mary Link, Mt Toby Meeting, Leverett, MA

“Tom understands how to tell stories that call us to reexamine our understanding of how the world works. Great tunes that make you laugh, make you wince, and make you want to stand up and sing along. Phil Ochs would be proud.”Phil Hart, Columbus Mennonites

“The prophets often do not say what you want to hear.”Normal MennoniteConcert

“Tom Neilson was wonderful during 5 days together with @180 Quakersgivinga concert and a lecture on his life interspersed with songs -very moving, inspiring, genuine,heart-touching, witty, hope-filled, and gifted at exploring solutions to problems by seeking of answers in the wisdom found within and amongst the people involved.” Wendy Geiger, Jacksonville Monthly Meeting

“We had a great evening with Tom Neilson, a wonderful storyteller, singer and songwriter.He's talented, funny, inspirational and insightful.I really can't say enough wonderful things about him, but I can promise you that if you were to sponsor an evening with Tom, you'd be glad you did. He is a masterful performer!” Deb Comly, Flagstaff Meeting

“We just hosted a house concert for Tom Neilson, a very talented storyteller/songwriter and folk singer who skewers hypocrisy and insanity with his rapier wit. He is an environmentalist and is one of the finest people I know. His global sophistication put into performance art is extraordinary.”Kathy Hersh, Miami Friends

"With young peoplehe is remarkable for his unusual combination of playfulness, tenderness, and respectful forthrightness. He is 'way cool' and kids know it."William Spademan, CreativeThought & Action, Mount Toby Quaker Meeting