Peace and Justice

Peace and Justice

“His songs are honest, common sense truths, that confront the absurdity of illegitimate authority.” Nidal Mahayni, Richmonders for Peace in Israel-Palestine

“Two hours of reasoned brilliance.We need his music more than ever.” Dave Petrovich, Americans For A New Society

“Tombrought much needed energy and humor to our ongoing peace efforts in Milwaukee this weekend, as well as helping to unite us.His show was nourishingandreplenished the spirits of the community.” Mark Foreman, Milwaukee VFP

“Tom is one ofthe most sophisticated songwritersin getting to the root of an issue. He has an uncompromising wit that entertains and educates.” Bruce Gagnon VFP Maine

“He has an understanding of the world, masterfully delivered through performance art. My door is always open to him.” Ken Mayers, Santa Fe VFP

“Tom Neilson is a national treasure.” John Heuer, VFP North Carolina

“This man, this amazing musician, speaks TRUTH through his powerful words and songs!” Gerie Bell WILPF Baltimore

“Tom Neilson is a gift to our movement with his satire and social commentary. His concerts combine art and activism as he weaves his stories, both historical and contemporary throughout his show. You don’t want to miss an opportunity to book him. Ihave known him for 20 years and I strongly recommend him for a concert.”Nancy Price, WILPF Sacramento

"For anyone who believes folk music is really the music of the people,Tom Neilson is your guy.He composes and sings about the issues thatare near and dear to all of us, and he does it from his heart.Listeningto him sing is like being surrounded by the companions we all hope aremarching with us toward a better world.Their voices ring loud and truethrough him and through the ages and mostly loudly for current events."Barbara Taft, WILPF, Phoenix, AZ

“Tom and Lynn broughtfantastic music to our Guardians for Peace and Planet event.Their songs were filled withpowerful and passionate messages.”Marguerite Adelman, WILPF, Burlington.

“Tom's show may be one of the most comprehensive performances you’ll ever see as he takes on several social justice and human rights issues. He is joined by the brilliant vocal harmonies of Lynn Waldron. The stage presence of the two is captivating. Alternating between lead and harmony, they are on every nuance, in both the playfulness and passion of their songs.

Tom is light, warm, funny, compassion-filled, heart-felt LIFE just pouring out of a guitar with a sharp wit, a seasoned experience, and a big fat uncompromising bunch of truth behind it. Go to his next concert to get a refresher course on what it means to be appropriately *fresh* ... and to support Tom. He's the kind of sweet & playful that we need around." Keith Harmon Snow, Investigative Journalist

"I love his message of truth and compassion." Ann Halloway, Arab-American Women's Association

“Being an activist along side Tom and Lynn has been an honor. Tom’s music is full of history, honesty and lots of humor. I learned and thought about some important things, while listening to Tom and Lynn and had I had a great time too!” Priscilla Lynch, Code Pink Western MA and Bolivar Embassy Protector

“Thank you for writing ‘Heroes Of The Cold War’, a very special song that will touch so many lives.” Sylvia, Knoxville, TN

“Tom Neilson is one of the most politically astute folksingers with an extraordinary voice I've ever heard. The audience was crazy about him, and many have asked us to have him downagain soon. We raised good money for our sponsored "before you enlist" documentary. He's also great fun, very warm and engaging, had the audiencelaughing, and he spoke to all --young, old, in-between. He has some amazing tunes. You should grab him if you can.” Anne Blenman, Coalition for Peace Action

“This is very good music and very good politics.” Tom Paxton

“A Peoples History in Song.” Howard Zinn

“His scope, depth and breadth of original, often funny, social justice songs is inspirational. It was the only time I was ever introduced with a song.” Ralph Nader

"Tom is fabulous; politically cutting-edge, incisive, warm, & very funny. His raucous political satire & social commentary, quick wit, & pointed humor had everyone laughing & engaged." Cathy Gilbert, Miami Dade Green Party

“Tom is a creative songwriter for us and is special when we get to perform together on the campaign trail.” Jill Stein, Green Party MA

"People are still talking about Tom's performance, which brought just the right balance of biting political commentary, humor, personal storytelling, and memorable music to our house concert. His songs, his voice, and his guitar wrapped it all up into one great package." Vicki Ryder, South Florida Raging Grannies

"At AFD's founding convention in San Antonio, he showed the role of music in the political process." Ronnie Dugger, Alliance For Democracy

“A brilliant musical voice for peace.” Dr. Michael Knox, Chair, US Peace Memorial Foundation

“Tom Neilson and Lynn Waldron gave a rousing performance of music to delight and inspire a rally of activists in Burlington, Vermont who had gathered to protect their community from the basing of a nuclear-capable fighter/bomber at their local civilian airport. They brought laughter and lightheartedness to the crowd, much needed qualities when challenging any aspect of America's military-industrial-congressional complex. Tom even wrote a song called Pat and Bernie's F-35s, to educate people about how the system can run roughshod over the rights and needs of ordinary people. We consider these musicians real treasures in our midst.” John Reufer, Burlington, VT


Thank you for "Gaza." You speak out against injustice in a poetic way with true lyrics and a beautiful voice. It is so needed. Justina, Code Pink


Thanks to Tom Neilson who has been singing out with vision, energy and musicianship. -D. Millstone, NY