Organize a Show - Zoom

Organize a Show - Zoom


The Venue is the Internet

The organizer/organization bringing Tom in should have a paid ZOOM license that doesn't restrict number of attendees or length of program. S/he lets people in, intros Tom, monitors the chat, muting, facilitates discussion, etc. If for some reason the mix isn't good, Tom needs to be told so he can make adjustments on his Board. If it is a simple matter of volume, participants can boost their volume control. We should check in an hour before the show just to make sure everything is right..

Tom’s concerts are interactive with audience participation so if something particularly relevant or expedient appears in the chat, the show can be interrupted. Otherwise, questions and comments can be addressed during intermission or at the end of the show.


Tom will draft a poster and email it to you for your review. The final poster should be saved as a pdf. We also suggest including the show details in the body of the email as some folks don’t want to bother opening an attachment. On-line concerts can reach the world and the fundraising possibilities are very good. Once the date is set, it is critical to ANNOUNCE it asap to community groups so that another group does not book a competing activity that same night. It may be the most important thing you do.

Depending on your own group and the reasons for organizing a show of Tom’s music, groups you should contact include peace and environment groups such as anti-fracking, anti-incineration, nukes, mountain top removal, Earth Justice, Earth First, Sierra Club, Anti-war solidarity groups, Quakers, Unitarians, Humanists, Ethical Society, AAUP, Alliance for Democracy, Green Party, labor unions, AFSC, Jobs with Justice, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Truth Out, Code Pink, Veterans for Peace, United Nations Association, student organizations on college campuses, Raging Grannies, etc.

The Performance

On-line concerts are running about an hour with no intermission. But some groups like two 45 minute sets. Either is fine with Tom. He will provide some information so that you are comfortable introducing him. Please remember that it is against the law (piracy) for the audience to record the show without written permission from AFM.

The host can record the stream and keep it up for a 24-hour “grace period,” after which it may be left available online for up to one month for a fee of $85. If a live stream is left on line after one month for up to 6 months, then the standard On-Demand Streaming AFM Agreement applies, i.e. $197.20 per musician.

Concerts funded by MPTF grants can not be recorded per directive of the American federation of Musicians.


When Tom does colleges and high schools, teachers assign his shows to the curriculum. He has worked with the following departments: international studies, sociology, anthropology, English, political science, history, economics, music, religious studies, ecology, journalism, linguistics and education.

Tom also does class presentations around a variety of social issues. The Musicians' Union has educational grants for school programs that are very easy to apply for.


His music can be heard on SoundClick at

Financial arrangements

See Booking info


Sample INTRODUCTION- Please keep it short! One MC said this:

Tom began performing at the age of three. He has worked and traveled around the world and has performed his music in 22 countries on five continents. Among his many awards, he has received two Song of the Year Awards from Independent Musicians.

In 2017, he received an award from the Arab American Women Association for Global Education Through Performance Art. In 2015 he was nominated for the United Nations Nelson Mandela Award for Lifetime Achievement in Peace and Justice.

If you ask him, he will tell you that he is just a farm boy with a guitar who loves a good ball game and human rights.


Thanks for keeping the music alive!

Lynn Waldron, Business Manager