Booking Info - Zoom concerts

Booking Info - Zoom concerts

“Tom Neilson did a fund-raiser for us. We have a history of mostly good, sometimes excellent programs. There are no more than one or two (out of hundreds of programs) that rank with his.” Don Friesen, Reedley Peace Center, First Mennonite Church, Reedley, CA

BOOKING INFO - Financial Arrangements

At present, Tom is able to do on-line concerts and church services from home over platforms such as Zoom.

If you do not have a contract, we have a short agreement/contract that we can use. Our agreement in e-mail may also serve as our contract. We will also be sending an LS-1 form from the musicians' union, AFM Local 1000, for you to sign and return to me. This is for my union pension. During these COVID times (unless you have a suggestion) all programs are on a fee basis. You pay Tom the fee and you keep the gate (ticket sales, donations...). Please remember that recording the show without written permission is not allowed.

Church Services usually run between $200 to 400. Tom does talks, mini concerts, and/or both.

Pre-recorded church services are $300-400.

College programs have run $400 to $1250.

Other concerts usually run $400 to 600.

Since online concerts are global, the fundraising potential is significant.

A $100 non-refundable deposit is necessary to save the date. This is deducted from the fee on the night of the concert. We need to ask for a deposit because too many people firm dates and then don't follow through.

Once we have an agreement/contract, if the show is cancelled within two months of the performance date, we are requesting a $400 fee for breach of contract. This does not include forces of nature such as earthquakes, tornadoes, blizzards and venue destruction.

The host should have a paid ZOOM license that doesn't restrict number of attendees or length of program. S/he lets people in, monitors the chat, muting, and facilitates discussion, etc. Tom will arrange with you to do a sound check an hour or so before the show just to make sure the connection and sound are good.

Previous musicians' union policy prohibiting recording has changed. You can record the show and keep it up for a 24 hour “grace period,” after which, it may be left available online for up to one month for a fee of $85. If a live stream is left online for up to 6 months, then the standard On-Demand Streaming AFM Agreement applies, i.e. $197.20 per musician.

Concerts funded by MPTF grants can not be recorded per directive of the American Federation of Musicians.

Thanks for keeping the music alive!

Lynn Waldron, Business Manager


For more detailed information on making the show happen, see ORGANIZE A SHOW here