Press / Reviews

Press / Reviews

“Consummate and gifted performer with a human & compassionate of the most savvy political songwriters I know.”

— Derrick Jordan, Vermont Citizens Awareness Network

“Does a great job of reminding people of what is really important, and the power of folk music to say it.”

— Michael Stock, WLRN, Miami, FL

“Tom is fabulous; politically cutting-edge, incisive, warm, & very funny. His raucous political satire & social commentary, quick wit, & pointed humor had everyone laughing & engaged.”

— Cathy Gilbert, Miami Dade Green Party

“People are still talking about Tom's performance, which brought just the right balance of biting political commentary, humor, personal storytelling, and memorable music to our house concert. His songs, his voice, and his guitar wrapped it all up into one great package.”

— Vicki Ryder, South Florida Raging Grannies

“Neilson brings together some of the finest elements of song & comedy.”

— Tom Campbell, Lewiston Tribune

“Creative & compelling, he skewers the outrageous behavior of the greedy & powerful in corporations, the media, & government.”

— Ray Korona, Peoples' Voice Café Collective, NYC

““With high school students, he is remarkable for his unusual combination of playfulness, tenderness, and respectful forthrightness. He is 'way cool' and kids know it.””

— William Spademan, Creative Thought & Action

“At AFD's founding convention in San Antonio, he showed the role of music in the political process.”

— Ronnie Dugger, Alliance For Democracy

“Sophisticated lyricist, wonderful voice, superb educator.”

— Marie Falbo, Stone Soup Collective, Orlando, FL

“Armed with guitars and vocal harmonies, Tom and Mark shoot from the hip on stage.”

— Bruce Watson, Amherst Bulletin

“great documentation of people's stories and local history.”

— Ron Bosch, MCTV

“Whether singing a rollicking, pure nonsense children's song, a tender love ballad, or a protest song with a sense of urgency, Tom's honest, forthright voice & his solid guitar work are spellbinding.”

— Susan Link, Porter-Phelps-Huntington Museum, Hadley, MA

“entertains and informs about contemporary issues and local problems.”

— Liz Hogan, Smith College

“tells the stories about people's struggles against greed and violence.”

— Lori Keene, The Putney School, Putney, VT

“Tom's contemplative and moving critique of the media's manipulation of the news is perceptive, intelligent, and right on. Using a blend of lyrical humor, stark fact, and compelling rhythm, he speaks to all of us who struggle towards truth.”

— Sarah Underhill, People's Music Network

“It would be great to turn on the radio and hear Tom sing the news each day.”

— College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, ME

“He will teach you about the world you live in.”

— University of Maine, Orono

“Humor, compassion, and outrage in songs about real people's struggles.”

— Java Hut, Sunderland, MA

“Uncensored political satire that responds to lies and oppression with passion and wit.”

— The House, Amherst, MA

“Your poetry, juxtaposition of thoughts/words, your musicality and your incredible range are an absolute delight. We loved the concert! Your generosity for show opener Chris (great) and Wylie are exemplary. When Lynn’s voice is added what a treat and wholeness.”

— Walt Cudnohufsky, audience

“Tom is a very much in-demand performer for the environment and his songs tell stories about government cover ups, things we know scantly from the news; but thanks to his songs, we see the human side of what happens after the headlines stop. His added humor makes his shows a lot of fun! ”

— Dr. Milly West, Music connection

“Tom Neilson is a national treasure.”

— John Heuer, Promoter - VFP North Carolina

“His scope, depth and breadth of original, often funny, social issue/justice songs is impressive. It was the first time I was ever introduced with a song.”

— Ralph Nader, Correspondence