As many churches have social justice committees, I am frequently asked to do Sunday Services. Quite often, there is a concert Saturday night and the Sunday service the following morning. 

Most Fellowships like a Sermon/Talk/Presentation of 20-30 minutes. Some like a 10 minute Q & A afterwards. Usually, I am asked to provide songs in place of hymns, but some churches like to keep their hymns as part of the service. I have an offertory song (satire) and a children’s song if requested. 

Some Fellowships like a musical service of 30-45 minutes. This means omitting or shortening some of the ritual elements.  The contract with the musicians’ union prohibits recording of the music to archive or circulate, especially songs that are by another writer. To record or post on the internet another’s work is a copyright violation.  Please speak with me about special circumstances such as streaming for homebound congregants. 

All of the booking info and sound requirements are at: