“Tom Neilson did a fund-raiser for us. We have a history of mostly good, sometimes excellent programs. There are no more than one or two (out of hundreds of programs) that rank with his.”  Don Friesen, Reedley Peace Center, First Mennonite Church, Reedley, CA 

BOOKING INFO  413-774-2411

FEES:  If you do not have a contract, I have a short agreement/contract that we can use. Mostly we use our emails as our contract.

– Financial arrangements

Church Services usually run between $200-400. I do talks, mini concerts, and/or both.

College concerts have run $500 - $1250.  Ask me about residencies, workshops, classes...

Otherwise concerts have an 80-20 split or a fee that generally ranges from $400-$500, depending on resources.

If finances are a concern,  make a proposal!!!

 If you really want a show, let's make it happen.  

There are different ways to cover the cost, but I have found one of the following to be the most successful:

1 - We split the gate 80-20 (me-you). Or 

2  - You pay me a fee of 400-500.  You keep the gate; OR

 Make a proposal!!!  The important thing is to do the show.

When I am on tour, there is no transportation cost to you, as I put you on my route. 

To bring me in for a special event that is not part of a tour route requires that my transportation be covered, by air and/or car rental and gas. 

The organizer/organization bringing me in assumes all costs of obtaining and using a venue, sound equipment, engineer.... 

A $100 non-refundable deposit is necessary to firm the date. This is deducted from the fee on the night of the concert. I need to ask for a deposit because too many people firm dates and then don't follow through.

Some groups like to do advance ticket sales, e.g. $12 advance or $15 at the door; or $15 and $20. My range is usually between $15-20 dollars or $10-20. Some venues are not allowed to “charge” admission so we say there is a “suggested donation” of $15, etc. If people know it is a fund raiser, they are often inclined to kick in more money for admission, but you know what the going rate is for a show in your area. If you make the admission too low, say $5, people attribute less value and maybe think it not worthwhile to come. Plus, you won't make any money. And neither will I.  A sliding scale works. No one is turned away.

- Any money you generate from activities (food selling, books, open mic donation, raffles, silent auction...) is 100% yours. One church decided to have a Fair during the afternoon (before the show) as a fund raiser with food, games, and tables from different community organizations. One church had an open mic for members of the congregation to perform before the show. Each person made a donation to play. Local groups are happy to co-sponsor the event for a fee. In exchange, let them table (perhaps for a fee???) (if there is room) at the event or share information. I will recognize them during the show.  I am the only one who can sell CDs.

 - And I need a place to spend the night. Any spare room will do.

NO SMOKING AND NO FIREPLACES INSIDE OR OUT--- Smoke is smoke. It is carcinogenic and doesn’t do your heart any good, either. 

- Thanks for keeping the music alive! 

 For more detailed information, see ORGANIZE A SHOW http://www.tomneilsonmusic.com/organize_a_show/